We perfect how a brand is seen.

i4COLOR is a value-added premedia services partner to brands and agencies.

Our Brand Promise

To bring the best experience at the greatest value to our clients

Our brand promise is the commitment we make. It is the heart and soul of our brand. It is what the world can always expect from us. i4COLOR™ is able to deliver on this promise day in day out, year in year out, because we invest in the people and in the values that sustain a culture of high expectations and opportunity.


Elevating brands to achieve their full potential.

We are dedicated and loyal to our clients’ brands, committed to helping them reach their full potential.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted premedia partner to brands and agencies.

Our Story

i4COLOR™ started as a different way to approach premedia.

Since 2010, through innovative premedia solutions, we have been elevating brands to a level not seen anywhere else. We perfect how a brand is seen by acting as an outside in-house team dedicated to the integrity of our clients’ brand and delivering an unmatched customer experience.

We work with brands, agencies, and printers to perfect the quality of each deliverable, earning the trust of clients and vendors alike. We achieve this through coordination and collaboration from the design phase to the final deliverable creative. Our clients engage with us early to help identify and solve problems before the brand team has finalized the design. When we finally have the files in-hand, we work collaboratively with our clients and print partners to ensure the file build reproduces exactly as intended.

Attention to detail is an integral part of my personality, marketing is my field of education, and print is my passion. When I formed i4COLOR™, I was able to bring all three together in a business model that delivers unique value to our customers. i4COLOR™ perfects the supply chain, stepping in as needed for pre-press, consulting, CGI, and retouching, or managing the entire process.

i4COLOR™ serves as a brand ambassador, partnering with in-house creative teams, agencies, and printers to ensure colors are true-to-brand and campaign intent is successfully transferred from ideation to production. Our technology simulates the print processes of lithography, flexography, and rotogravure, and aligns specifications with each printer to ensure your print ads, web imagery, cartons, labels, and flexible packaging all match in terms of color, quality, and fit, supporting your brand equity. Our proven processes and finely calibrated systems give brands and agencies the ability—and agility—to immediately onboard printers without slowing production.

Daryl Eifler, Founder & CEO

We believe the customer is at the center of everything we do We believe in never cutting corners We believe in integrity above all We believe we always win as a team We believe innovative solutions solve problems

This means we are committed to engaging with each other and the people around us guided by a set of values that are at the foundation of everything we do and represent.

Brands are more than the products they make and the marketing they do. Brands are delivered by the people and actions behind them.