Capturing market share with accurate and dynamic imagery

A highlighted area of premedia services and brand image management for Brita showcasing their water filtration water container with replaceable water filter.

CHALLENGE: Over the years, Brita has continually competed for the top spot in the water filter market, earning themselves a reputation as a household staple. With Brita consistently introducing new and technologically revolutionary products in order to maintain their share of the market, they needed a partner that could fulfill their advanced retouching, rendering, photography, and packaging needs. They also needed a partner that could be present from product conception to the store shelves and could provide a premium level of expertise.

SOLUTION: i4COLOR’s creative team worked through the challenges of photographing technologically intricate products, translucent water, and clear plastic, with advanced retouching solutions. By developing customized color profiles and utilizing their photoshop and CGI expertise, i4COLOR has created a prolific portfolio of Brita’s packaging, renderings and images. They have ensured that Brita’s premium product stays true to their mission — to deliver cleaner, great tasting drinking water.


Preserving a premium brand at the top of their market.

Brands are more than the products they make and the marketing they do. Brands are delivered by the people and actions behind them.