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CHALLENGE: Few brands are as iconic as McDonald’s, their Golden Arches and reputation being instantly recognizable anywhere in the world. With a brand so visually iconic, it’s vital that every image be flawless and impactful. McDonald’s regional agencies consistently need a partner that can do just that — transform the McDonald's brand images to deliver the greatest impact all while managing quick turnaround times.

PARTNERSHIP: i4COLOR’s creative team has dedicated their time to understanding the McDonald’s brand in depth, even down to region-specific cultural nuances, so that they can truly elevate the brand to the next level. Often managing last-minute deadlines, i4COLOR’s team has transformed images such as their frozen Fanta drinks to look refreshing and irresistible in the region’s hottest climates. With CGI, the team was able to encapsulate the feeling of a snowy Chicago winter curbside, reserved post-snow shoveling by a now transformed stock image of a McDonald’s chair. i4COLOR has used advanced retouching techniques to render entirely new assets like Chicago Bears’ coach Matt Nagy’s Bears hat, facing last-minute requests with overnight deadlines. With a continued and ongoing partnership, i4COLOR works as an on-demand, outside in-house team for the agency.


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