Liquid Plumr Double Impact Hair Monster

Clorox asked us to produce this movie poster style advertisement for Liquid Plumr. Working in conjunction with Clorox Creative Services art directors Ron Griffiths & Melissa Richards, and copywriter Perry Portugal we were able to deliver an exceptional print ad for Liquid Plumr.

Phase 1

Design and Previz

We were given a rough layout of the idea, along with the basic headline. After our production and design meeting, we started producing more refined 3D layouts based on their design, using our previz software. We used a three dimensional figure to approximate various compositions, perspectives and camera angles before we moved forward with a final photo shoot. We even utilized motion capture martial arts animations to give us an idea of basic jumps and kicks that are possible in karate. We were also able use a 3D camera to move around the figure to create rough dynamic camera angles.

During this design phase, we sculpted a hair monster using our 3D software. We went through a number of design rounds to get the appropriate look and feel.

Phase 2

Photo Shoot

One of our in-house photographers, Ron Essex, photographed our model, Mari Inouye, for this advertisement. Mari had lots of energy, took direction well and has amazing endurance. We asked her to jump countless times. She is also an equestrian gymnast.

Phase 3

3D Rendering and Creative Retouching

Our Creative Director, Steve Barrett, designed and modeled the hair monster. We experimented with various styles of 3D hair. We started with a pretty scary monster, but in the end, the client preferred a less threatening hairball.


The toughest part of the production was working out how the whip would interact with the monster. True to the product, the “Mom” needed to spray the monster with the Liquid Plumr first and then grab him with the snake. These steps had to work together in a simple visual order for immediate impact.


We planned the photo shoot out really well. We shot plenty of photographic angles to cover any creative retouching client changes. Fitting everything into a revised layout was challenging, even with every camera angle covered. The client was very pleased with the result.

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