Demonstrate the strength of the product and the brand

CHALLENGE: Trash bags are just expected to work – they should hold trash, prevent spillage, and minimize strong scents. Any incident that does not align with that purpose can easily cause consumers to lose trust in a brand. Glad®, a market leader, needed a premedia partner that could function like their product and just work. They needed someone who could execute workflows quickly and efficiently to produce photography, renderings, and packaging that align visually with what Glad® wants to communicate about their product no matter where the brand is seen.

SOLUTION: The i4COLOR team has established themselves as a loyal brand partner to Glad®, creating workflows that ensure packaging and renderings accurately display the brand’s innovative new products and technologies. Working with multiple print vendors and with the challenge of printing on sustainable packaging made of recycled materials, i4COLOR ensures that packaging is consistent in color and visuality every time, on the shelf and online. Innovative products such as Glad’s Forceflex technology have required i4COLOR’s innovative visual solutions. The team employs advanced retouching techniques and creative photography skills to build imagery that shows the capabilities of Glad’s products exactly how the brand intends. With the workflows i4COLOR has developed for Glad’s projects, the team can ensure that every project is delivered efficiently and accurately.


Packaging that stands out every time, on the shelf and online

Brands are more than the products they make and the marketing they do. Brands are delivered by the people and actions behind them.